pixel games is an independent game studio based in Luxembourg, owned and operated by solo developer Sebastian Kostka. My primary focus is to create classic arcade experiences for modern systems.


Early days

I wrote my first game in 1982, on my grandmother’s TV, with a Sinclair Spectrum 48K. Being able to interact with that big black and white screen on wheels was an amazing experience. In those early days, at least in Europe, most games were made by so-called bedroom programmers, who were free to experiment and innovate at will.

Somewhere in between

Over the years, the gaming industry matured, and AAA studios and big budget games took center stage. During this period I joined Ubisoft, to work on titles like Rayman 2, Tonic Trouble, Tim7, F1 Racing Simulation and others. It was fun, but clearly lacked the magic of the early 80s.

Back to the roots

Then something happened: The emerging mobile market gave birth to a wonderful new generation of bedroom programmers, now known as ‘indie-devs’, and a great opportunity to return to this vibrant and creative community. History was repeating itself, and led to the creation of pixel games, which focuses on creating classic 2D pixel art titles for modern consoles (Switch, Xbox, PlayStation) and PC.



Cash Cow DX - launch trailerYouTube