Sir Lovelot is on a quest to find the love of his life, and only you can help him avoid the cold sting of loneliness (but let’s be real: solitude is great!). Join him in a wacky precision platformer in which he’ll realize that finding love isn’t as easy as he thinks! Collects gifts, avoid treacherous hazards and fight off weird creatures, all in the best possible time! It's an absolutely heartbreaking hairy-tale, if ever there was one...


How it started

Up until March 2019, I was working on two seemingly huuuuuge games, Bobby Bombastic and Plutonium Pirates, from which I badly needed a change of pace and short break not to burn out. How? By amping up the pace and burning even more midnight oil while taking part in an interesting game jam called ‘8 Bits to Infinity ~ Platformer Week’.


I submitted our entry just before closing time: A little prototype featuring a tiny but brave knight, collecting stuff and platforming his way from tower to tower and damsel to damsel, in search for the love of his life. Sir Lovelot was born. Long story short: Players liked it. We won the contest.

So now what?

Return to both paused projects as planned, or make Sir Lovelot into ‘a real game’? I opted for the latter: It took only two days to land a playable prototype, so I’ll be launching the final game in two months tops, right? Wrong! Almost exactly 2 years later to the day, Sir Lovelot is finally ready to go chasing damsels.


  • Die a million times, single-player platforming adventure, strangely familiar and yet like no other
  • Love is a battlefield, and you’re about to find out why, as you take on devious challenges, in over 40 handcrafted levels
  • Take on rivals to your affections as you face unsavory nasties who roam the land looking to end your journey in heartbreak
  • The road to romance is rarely straightforward - discover hidden short-cuts, secret rewards and golden eggs -> damsels really love those!
  • Serenade your player too with a beautiful soundtrack by Alexander Falinski, known for his talent on Cut the Rope, LightSlinger Heroes, Tap the Frog...
  • Sir Lovelot is fluent in 14 love languages: English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese - Traditional, Luxembourgish
  • 4-6 hours of love on average for the first run. About twice as much for the 105% completionists out there


Sir Lovelot - Launch TrailerYouTube



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ラブロットどの - Japanese Assets
Download the trailer, logo and screenshots in Japanese here.
Game trailer
Download the trailer in MP4 format here.
Sir Lovelot is develped and published by pixel games SARL-S

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pixel games is a pixel sized independent development studio based in Luxembourg, focused on creating classic, pickup and play, pixel art games for modern consoles.
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Sir Lovelot Credits

Sebastian Kostka
Artist, Developer
Sergey Oleksienko
Additional level design
Benjamin Specklin
Cover illustrator
Alexander Falinski
Music composer
Evgeniy Kolpakov
Console versions