The retro-classic style platformer follows a whimsical Knight’s quest to locate Melusina, mermaid and love interest, that the former happens to scare away by a bout of bad gas. With 8-bit graphics and a fitting chiptune score by Saskrotch, players can expect none of the features à la XP, backtracking and grinding that characterizes most modern ‘retro’ games. Tight gameplay and wonderful visuals make Sigi a light-hearted and loving 8-bit adventure to enjoy.


‘Sigi in three words? Simple, silly and fun.’ describes developer Sebastian Kostka of ‘Today’s games can be pretty tedious; a longing for the simple joys of yesteryear’s action games is what originally motivated Sigi’s creation, and it is what’s driving the console releases as well.’


  • Four Replayable Stages of Twenty Levels that may seem like a breeze to the classic platform junkie yet challenging for the casual player.
  • Secret Caverns and other obvious locales of loot, long forgotten artifacts, coins and irrelevant letters to collect.
  • Unforgiving Bosses with preposterous minions that punish you for making light of Sigi’s digestive woes.
  • Medieval-era Weaponry. Like Chicken Drumsticks, obviously.
  • Loads of achievements to unlock, for the best players out there.
  • A great chiptune Soundtrack by Saskrotch, known for his Nintendo Breakz and live performances.


Sigi - Launch TrailerYouTube


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Sigi - A Fart for Melusina Credits

Sebastian Kostka
Artist, Developer
Benjamin Specklin
Cover illustrator
Music composer
Evgeniy Kolpakov
Console versions