Holy cow, it’s all about the moooney! Run, jump and slide in this udderly jolly adventure to reclaim your fortunes from the greedy Pig Pockets. Tough as nails and no continues: let's go!


Holy cow, it's all about the moooney! Embark on an udderly jolly adventure to rescue Cash Cow's riches from the clutches of the greedy Pig Pockets and reclaim what's rightfully hers! Get ready for a blast from the past with an 80s inspired arcade experience released 40 years late...


  • 5 multi-screen levels, bonus stages and secrets
  • player speed selection: normal or turbo
  • arcade, speedrun and marathon modes
  • delightful chiptunes by Vincent Verger aka Tuï
  • illustration and official merch by Pete Ellison
  • B/W and color TV compatible (unplug antenna first)
  • cross-platform, worldwide leaderboards


Cash Cow DX - launch trailerYouTube


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pixel games is an independent game studio based in Luxembourg, owned and operated by solo developer Sebastian Kostka. My primary focus is to create classic arcade experiences for modern systems.
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Cash Cow DX Credits

Sebastian Kostka
Artist, Developer
Vincent Verger aka Tuï
Music composer
Pete Ellison
Official merch