After Donut Dodo, Cash Cow DX is the second classic arcade game in our Class of 1983 series. Run, jump and slide in this 1CC treasure hunt frenzy to rescue Cash Cow's fortunes from the clutches of the greedy Money Monster!


Monty Miner loves Cash Cow. They are bestest friends. Money Monster is jealous of Cash Cow and has made off with her treasured fortunes! They are worsest enemies. Now she needs your help! Embark on a treasure hunt frenzy to rescue Cash Cow's riches from the clutches of the greedy Money Monster and reclaim what's rightfully hers! Strike gold today and save your beloved bovine buddy!


  • 5 multi-screen levels with 2-way real-time scrolling
  • play as Monty Miner or high-risk, ultra-fast Molly Miner (unlockable)
  • several modes including 1CC score attack, speedrun and marathon
  • many secrets and hidden areas
  • high resolution color sprites and backgrounds
  • in-game music, sound effects and digitized speech (SAM)
  • B/W and color TV compatible (unplug antenna first)
  • worldwide leaderboards


Cash Cow DX - TeaserYouTube


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Cash Cow DX Credits

Sebastian Kostka
Artist, Developer
Music composer