A bunch of unsuspecting adventurers set off to explore the volcanic caves of Mount Yukata, situated at the heart of a mysterious jungle. Unfortunately, their plane disappeared from the radar before reaching its destination. No one knows what has become of them, and even worse, no one dares to find out: Legend has it, Mount Yukata is home to a monstrous giant slug going by the name of Gargantella. On a do-it-yourself rescue mission to locate and save the stranded explorers, you, Bobby Bombastic, set off into the jungle with nothing but your home built heli-backpack, a laser blaster and a couple of explosives.


Bobby Bombastic, a 2D pixel art arcade adventure, was initially inspired from the 1984 Activision classic H.E.R.O. where the player, with his helicopter backpack, saves lost miners in a vast complex of caves. The game has evolved quite a bit since then, but without forgetting its early roots.


  • An original blend between platforming and exploration
  • Vast and lonely places like caves, temples, mines and the jungle
  • Use old minecarts to ride from one environment to the next
  • Weird enemies and mysterious discoveries
  • Worldwide leaderboards and achievements


Bobby Bombastic - GameplayYouTube


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Bobby Bombastic Credits

Sebastian Kostka
Artist, Developer
Benjamin Specklin
Cover illustrator
Cătălin Chirilă
Music composer